Waterside Bulkhead Design & Construction

Bulkhead Construction and Repair

We can turn-key your waterfront construction project on Lake Livingston or other area lakes and rivers. If you have a failing bulkhead or no bulkhead at all we can be of great help to you. On a new bulkhead we can handle all of the engineering, design, permitting, and construction. We are familiar with working with The Trinity River Authority and other code requirements when building waterside construction projects. If you currently have a lakeside bulkhead that needs to be repaired we can identify problems and develop a solution to fix your bulkhead. We construct bulkheads all over Southeast Texas.

Waterfront Erosion Protection

Wooden Bulkhead on Lake Livingston near Onalaska, Texas.

Just about every shore line will have some sort of protection whether it's a beach and sand dunes, water born vegetation, or loose stone used to form a foundation for a breakwater or other structure. As your driving down the road and cross over a lake Livingston bridge if you look you will see large stones on each side of the lake crossing. These stones are commonly known as rip rap. Another form of protection is a seawall or bulkhead. On Lake Livingston you will find that a great deal of properties have a bulkhead to retain the soil on their property and to discourage erosion during flooding or wave action. Bulkheads can be constructed of galvanized steel panels, wood piers and plank, rip rap, vegetation or other method such as concrete block. A combination of any or all of these methods maybe the best choice in many situations. Please give us a call or contact us via the form on this page to get a free consultation on building or repairing your shoreline on Lake Livingston or surrounding lakes, rivers, or ponds.

Galvanized Bulkhead Panels

Since there are so many properties on Lake Livingston and other East Texas lakes that have galvanized sheet metal bulkheads we are well experienced in maintenance and repair of them. On of the most common failures is age. Over time even galvanized panels will start to rust and eventually need to be replaced. Yet, another failure is dead-man anchors that fail and the top of the bulk head being pushed out. Sometimes the bottom of the bulkhead can fail or the dirt behind the bulkhead begins to washout and filter into the lake. If you are experiencing any of these or other problems give us a call to repair your bulkhead.