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Lake Livingston Residential Home Painting

Onalaska Painting Company, We paint homes and cabins surrounding Lake Livingston, Texas.

We can paint the interior or exterior of your home, cabin, or cottage around Lake Livingston, Texas. We have residential painting crews that paint homes from all around Lake Livingston including Onalaska, Trinity, Coldspring, Shepherd, Leggett, and more. We spray paint, roll on paint, and hand brush paint where will result in the best quality finish and done safely.

Lake Livingston Commercial Painting Contractors

We can paint the exterior of your office or retail store in the Lake Livingston area. We paint store fronts, office spaces, conference rooms, warehouses, restaurants, kitchens, bathrooms, everything that can be painted at your business we will paint it if you ask.

Fence Staining & Deck Staining

When a new wood fence or wooden deck in completed there are generally two other important options to consider, either to stain or not to stain. We suggest that a stain adds color and another layer of protection against the elements. Todays stains come in many options including stain & seal, UV protection, insecticide, and more. We think that it is a good idea to have your fence or deck stained after construction as soon as possible. On older fence and decks we can pressure wash the wood and apply a wood brightener to get it ready to accept the stain and seal.