Construction Site Preparation

Site preparation can vary from project to project but a generally accepted definition is to remove trash, debris, and vegetation away from the area of where the foundation and/or footings are to be. In addition the creation of a site pad or house pad may also be required.

Debris & Trash Clean Up near Lake Livingston, TX

Do you need trash piles removed from your lot or land?

It can be really sad to see trash and debris litter any property. With just a phone call you can have one of our crews come clean up your property. We have The equipment, skill, techniques, and desire to restore your land to a respectable condition.

Dirt Work and Landscaping

As a part of the site preperation at your construction project near Lake Livingston, TX we can also grade your property, clear fence lines, and cut in driveways.

We can cultivate your property and make it ready to receive sod. Following the advice of Randy Lemmon — Kill, Till, Fill, & Sod; we can cultivate your land from beginning to end. We can rake up large areas of leaves, pine needles, branches and thatch. If you need to have your lawn aerated or plugged we can help. We can also help in your garden or small farm with plowing, discing, tilling, seeding, more.

Site Level and Grading

Before & After a construction project there is a significant amount of dirt work to be done. Before the project begins site preparation needs to be done to remove trash and bio-mass from the work area to begin the project. During the project dirt is usually hauled in by dump truck and then needs to be spread out, graded, and leveled. After the completion of a project finish grading, leveling, and raking will often be needed to apply sod for the lawn and make ready for the property owners. We can help in all three phases of your project.